We like to make our kids dream when we give them a gift and we want to see their eyes sparkle when they discover an irresistible wooden gift ! We also listen to our kids and encourage them to become autonomous with the Montessori method.

I customize, for you, with care, original and good quality wooden cases, to  pretend play doctor.

Do you have a 3-year-old kid? A 6-year-old kid? The handmade wooden doctor's case is a gift idea for both girls and boys. This storage case is ideal for playing doctor, or playing nurse or veterinary doctor and taking care of the little bumps and bruises of your children's favourite stuffed animals. With this pretend play medicine box, your kid can even play or mime or de-dramatize the visits to the doctor. Many of you are already using it for the Montessori method.


Click on the image, it will be easier for you to buy it on my Etsy store.

Wooden doctor case with emergency colors, pretend play medecine box 38 €

Turquoise wooden storage case for childern, storage for small doctor's or nurse accessories :

38 €

Purple's kid's romm decor, purple suitcase, purple and white suitcase : 38 €

Memory box, theme forest animals, gift for a autumn baby : 33 €

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