We have all known for generations, the many benefits of lavender: its fragrance that smells clean, it keeps moths away, it is a plant that makes people sleep.... In our time, most of us are keen to return to nature and we also love the homely, fragrant and relaxing atmosphere it creates !


I imagined and created my lavender sachets identical and different at the same time. I make them with care in my non-smoking workshop, in quality fabrics, in different styles and colours. use last harvest and certified organic lavender from Provence. Its fragrance lasts a long time because this organic lavander is naturally and chemical free dried.


Wisely place them in your wardrobe or cupboards, or hung them in your dressing room, in your car, for a decorative and relaxing touch, you’ll appreciate their pleasant and delicate perfume scent. A quick and simple handling will allow you to change the lavender in a few years. In the meantime, a small massage of the regular belly will enhance its fragrance.


It's a nice room decor idea, isn’t it? Also enjoy an essential virtue of lavender : so test the magic power of a mouse and place it on your bedside table ! By choosing them, you help a small business, it’s nice, thank you so much !

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