L'atelier Au Creux du Bois, création d'objets textiles
L'atelier Au Creux du Bois, création d'objets textiles
L'Atelier Au Creux du Bois La Boutique
L'Atelier Au Creux du Bois  La Boutique

Welcome to L'Atelier Au Creux du Bois shop where you will find  lavender sachets, hanging lavender sachets, custom baby gifts,  kids room decor, wooden box, wooden suitcase, gifts for her, gifts for him, wedding ring pillow and lovely things



A little break : Thank you for your orders !

I'll be back on May 4th ! See you soon !

Most of my items are on sale, for the moment, except the wedding ring cushions, on my Etsy shop

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The shipping costs are always the same whatever the number of ordered items.


I send your orders to :

- European Union


- UK

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- Russia

For an other country please have a look to my Etsy shop

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