Boutique en ligne de l'Atelier Au Creux du Bois
Boutique en ligne de l'Atelier Au Creux du Bois

Question : custom and personalized orders


Answer :

If you need help, please, send me a message : I’ll send you a paypal invoice if it is easier for you.


Question : Sizing details and materials


Answer :

All dimensions and materials are described, but don’t hesitate to ask me some more.


Question : Care instructions


Answer :

I wash all the fabrics before using them. Please read the instructions for each item. I currently send care instructions with your order.


Question : prices and shipping


Answer :

My rates are based on quality raw materials used, time spent, charges to pay.
My shipping costs include the time spent packing your order, all that is necessary for this packaging (card, paper, cardboard etc.), and of course the delivery costs.


*** Please note that new taxes are due for some US states and countries


Question : Wholesale opportunities


Answer :

I accept bulk orders, and make a personalized quote with prices, shipping costs and a time of realization adapted. Customs fees are your responsability. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.



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