Boutique en ligne de l'Atelier Au Creux du Bois
Boutique en ligne de l'Atelier Au Creux du Bois

L Atelier Au Creux du Bois ?




#it's an online store


#for the birth,


#the little ones,


#the teenagers,moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, women, men...


#the house, with a flagship product, organic lavender




#and also for the most beautiful day of your life...


#It is a workshop, in France between the castles of Chenonceau and Amboise, in Touraine, a pretty region with an extraordinary light that gives wings !


#These are creations that you can see in real life, to touch them, to feel them, at my friend Sylvie's of L'Atelier Alice et Téo in Descartes still in Touraine and in some shops in the United States,


#It is also an entry in the Trade Register, a guarantee of professionalism.


L'Atelier Au Creux du Bois ? You're the one who talks about it the best! 
100% positive reviews: when I started on ALM, on my own online shops, on Etsy, always and again, on facebook, on Google My business, I am very touched and proud !

But who is behind L'Atelier Au Creux du Bois ? It's me Laurence Mulot ! I created my workshop in 2009: inventing lavender bags by playing with my last name is the origin of my little mice ! I invented it, pampered it, wore it and still wear it, with pleasure, all by myself, from A to Z, wearing all the hats, to please you: the pleasure of choosing fabrics with sparkling colours, fabrics with soft colours, bohemian renderings... and imagine what you like, the pleasure and pride of having the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the most beautiful day of your life by hand embroidering a wedding cushion that will be unique !

So if you are like me, if you like objects that last in time, objects that are not afraid to show themselves, then if you, yes you, behind your screen, want to follow or continue, the adventure of the workshop is the time to browse my shop and it's time to follow me, so you don't miss anything !

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